Regency Ship Management S.A
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Safety and Environment Performance Policy

The company is aware that the ship’s management poses risks to employees, third parties and the environment.

To minimize these risks, the Company:

  • All decision-makers handle commercial matters by calculating safe ship operation
  • To ensure that the vessels operated are managed by taking into account the safety and environmental protection criteria in accordance with the national and international maritime rules.
  • As stated in the SMS, to assign adequate and appropriate personnel to effectively observe and implement safety and environmental protection.
  • To provide appropriate training to personnel in order to ensure effective operation of operational procedures
  • Observe the safety, environmental performance and validity of related procedures on board.
  • Investigation of accidents / incidents on board and taking recommendations to prevent them from occurring and using accident and pollution prevention measures
  • Supervises the preparation of unexpected event plans to be used in case of emergencies.
  • Safe ship operation and creation of working area.
  • To evaluate all risks related to ship, personnel and environment and to take necessary precautions.
  • Continuous improvement of the safety culture of personnel (including emergencies)

The company will focus on a global perspective on its activities, which will have a major impact on the environment. Such activities and perspectives will be reviewed to improve the performance of the SMS and the company’s performance and will be changed frequently if necessary.