Regency Ship Management S.A
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Navigation Policy

The Company recognizes that safe navigation is essential to life, ships, cargo and the environment.

Company policy is the strict follow-up of the International Conflict Prevention Regulation (COLREG) rules and the ICS-Bridge procedures manual by all vessels.

Company procedures extend the definition above and provide effective controls, control, communication and management requirements for safe navigation. These;

  • Separate shift tasks according to navigational procedures;
  • Expedition planning and implementation;
  • Cruise checklists;
  • Correction of map and navigation publications;
  • Complete and appropriate basic navigation equipment and main and auxiliary machinery;
  • Identification of underwater backbone requirements;
  • Ship position reporting procedures;
  • Recording of events during the campaign;
  • Adaptation, training and exchange procedures in personnel exchanges;
  • Identifying the necessary training needs
  • Giving advice concerning emergency procedures