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Cargo Operation Policy

The company recognizes that safe cargo operations are integrated with business performance and is constantly and continuously improving its standards, taking into account the safety and pollution prevention issues associated with loading, stacking, handling and unloading of all types of cargo.

Procedures for safe cargo operations are included in the SMS and various other ship-specific handbooks. The objectives of the company in implementing these procedures by following are as follows;

  • To ensure safe application and safe working environment in cargo operations
  • Provide protection against all identified risks
  • To improve the mastery of land and sea personnel who can prepare emergency situations related to safety and environmental protection
  • Compliance with all regulations, flag state and international laws, guidelines and best practice
  • To ensure full care from loading to unloading
  • To inform all personnel about known hazards associated with cargo, which may affect the ship, the person and the environment
  • Ensuring adequate training of the personnel involved in the Carriage of Freight and the use of appropriate equipment.