Regency Ship Management S.A
Top quality and safest sea transport to 3 continents and 81 countries!

About Us

Regency Ship Management SA was originally established in 2017 on Marshall Island and served as the company’s representative in Istanbul. The company includes a new era of ship management style with first and foremost experience and expertise in the ship management arena. We offer a very special and customized ship management service that is the requirements of the 21st century ship owner today.

The company’s goal is to become the world’s top third-party ship manager. To do this, it recognizes that it must operate its managed fleet in an economic and optimal manner (in line with the requirements of its owners), while maintaining its total commitment to safety and protecting our environment.

We are proud of the combination of traditional trust, sincerity, honesty, hard work and fair business practices, combined with a modern technology-oriented management system. It provides one-stop management services that offer all aspects of cost-effective ship management with the highest quality.